Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Met Trip April 10 & Homework Due April 13

We will meet at the Metropolitan Museum of Art for class on April 10th.  Meet me in the lobby near the information desk.

Section W Meet at 9:30 am.
Section U Meet at 3:30 pm.

Prior to Visit/ Homework:  Determine a unique and clear concept for a piece of body armor.  This means that you will determine a "force" that the armor protects the user from and that all other design choices will stem from this concept. 

At the Museum:   Find one historical "inspiration" piece at the Metropolitan Museum.  This piece must relate to your concept (not only be visually interesting).  For example, if your piece will protect the user from weather, then your historical example must also protect from weather. You will begin in the Arms & Armor section and then explore other cultures. Sketch your object from 3 angles.  Photograph your object.  Transcribe the label so that you may research the object further.

Post Visit Homework Due 4/13: 
  • Do some online research about your inspiration piece.  Look for more information about the time period, culture and use.  Bring printed articles or notes to class. 
  • Find a literary, news or pop culture reference for your concept.  For example if you are protecting the user from violence against women, you could download a related article.  If you are protecting the user from a broken heart, you could find a related poem or song.  You are building the case that the user needs your armor.

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